X-TubeProcessor® Series

Your automation specialist for the standardization of laboratory and production processes.

X-TubeProcessor® Series

Your automation specialist for the standardization of laboratory and production processes.

Change from ergonomically strenuous and monotonous manual work to the fully automatic processing of your tubes.

Basic, Smart, Flex or Ultra – depending on degree of automation we have the suitable device for you.

Functional modules of the X-TubeProcessor® Series

Available modules for the automation of tube processes

  • Bulk Tube and Cap Feeding
  • Capping
  • De-capping
  • Orientation
  • Color detection (optional)
  • Torque control

Tube & Cap Handling

Our products automate capping and de-capping for a variety of tubes. We offer solutions for different tube and cap sizes and brands. Modules for fully automated feeding of tubes and caps are available.

  • High precision and accuracy
  • Wide Volume Range
  • Different Viscosities
  • Sterile option available
  • Filling detection
  • Temperature-control option


The tubes are filled with reagents in parallel or sequentially. Dispensing volumes in the range of 10 µl to 2 ml per tube are typically processed.

  • Labeling & marking
  • Labels for a wide range of applications available until -196 °C
  • Direct marking on the tube
  • Database connection (optional)
  • Thermal transfer standard
  • Laser / Inkjet (optional)
  • Serialization
  • 1D- and 2D-Barcoding
  • Reliable label placement


Our devices label a variety of tubes and screw caps. Furthermore we offer the option of printing on tubes and caps directly. The printing can be done individually for each label or batchwise the same. The labelling technology to be used depends on the requirements of our customers.

  • Tube feeding from rack or as bulkware
  • Processing a single rack or multiple racks
  • Feeding caps as bulkware
  • Final storage of processed tubes in racks or bulkware containers

Sorting & Storage

HTI products enable small and high throughput. For high-throughput systems, intermediate storage of tubes and racks can be implemented in the units. If required, tubes and caps can be supplied as bulkware and will be given out in racks or as bulkware

  • Verification of codes from racks, tubes and caps
  • Reading of 1D- and 2D-barcodes
  • Human readable information with OCR (upcoming)
  • Code verification in regard to database


Reliable traceability is possible at all times with our devides. Barcodes can be read on racks, tubes and caps and processed in accordance to the named requirements.

  • Distinct tube storage and processing areas
  • Separate processing area for sterile applications
  • Accordant documentation available

Sterile Applications

We offer tube handling solutions for sterile applications. The products are adapted with special hoods, Hepa-filters and/or laminar flow systems.



Screwing & Labelling – Our Basic will cover your needs

Compact and fast.

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Dispensing, Screwing & Labeling – The Smart Solution

All in one – lean & clean.

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Everything is possible – with our FLEXible all-rounder

Scalable for your growth.

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Standard is no longer sufficient? – Our Ultra makes it happen

Design your individual system.

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