Custom Solutions

When standard solutions are not sufficient, we develop a strategy tailored to your requirements.

Custom Solutions

When standard solutions are not sufficient, we develop a strategy tailored to your requirements.

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Product Expertise

Our core offerings for the standardization of laboratory and production processes.

  • Bulk tube and cap feeding
  • capping
  • De-capping
  • Orientation
  • Pick and place
  • Color detection
  • Torque control

Tube & Cap Handling

Our products automate capping and de-capping of tubes. We offer solutions for different tube and cap sizes and brands. Modules for fully automated feeding of tubes and caps are available.

  • High accuracy
  • From low to high volumes
  • Various liquids and powders
  • Sterile and contamination free
  • Level detection and InProcessControll
  • Dispensing into 96/384/1536 microplates

Liquid Handling

The tubes and micro plates are filled with reagents or powder in parallel or sequentially. Dispensing volumes in the range of 1 µl to > 2 ml per tube are typically processed. We offer different solutions for the in- process-control. The parallel dispenser for plate filling are very special and precise.

  • Labeling & marking
  • Variety of label types available for a wide range of applications
  • With or without printing
  • Direct marking on tubes
  • Database connection
  • Thermal transfer/laser/inkjet
  • serialization
  • 1D- and 2D-barcoding
  • Reliable label printing


Our products label and mark tubes and caps in a wide range of sizes and label types. Individual or batch printing is available. We offer different technologies for labeling such as thermal transfer, laser, or inkjet.

  • dispensing of free flowing powder
  • single dosage
  • parralel dispensing eg into deep well plates
  • simple, fast and reliable
  • service for filling into synthesis columns

Powder Dispensing

We offer solutions for a simple and fast dosage of free flowing powder into single or multiple wells.

  • Verification of codes from racks, tubes, and caps
  • Reading of 1D- aND 2D-barCODES
  • code Verification with linked databases


Labware tracking throughout the working process is available with our products.

  • Tube feeding in racks or in bulk
  • processing a single rack or multiple racks
  • feeding caps in bulk
  • final storage of processed tubes placed in racks

Sorting & Storage

HTI provides solutions for the separation, transportation and, storage of single-components – such as tubes, plates, carriers, and cardboards. We have different grippers and belt systems. The storage is organized in chaotic or regular storage systems.

HTI development process

We offer application-oriented Full Service Engineering

Our experienced, interdisciplinary staff wants to help you develop an individual concept tailored to your needs. The first step is to analyze your current workflow. Based on this information, we can then go on to develop a detailed concept. With the final concept, you can decide if you wish to proceed with the project.

Throughout all phases of the development process, our team is available as an experienced development partner. We are flexible to deal with the development of mechanics or electronics, the entire product or only with individual components. Our goal is to provide you with a result that meets your requirements. Our project managers will ensure that they are on time and within budget.

HTI remains your reliable partner after the successful implementation of the final result in your work process. Your relationship does not end with the acceptance of a system. We offer technical advice and service so that you can always achieve expected performance. We support you in your workflow and throughout the life of your product. If an incident occurs, we will provide you with fast and straightforward assistance.



Individual Processes


Branches – Applications


Reference projects

Selected custom solutions projects

Liquid handling & capping solutions

Based on the experiences with our X-TubeProcessor instruments, we have developed customized instruments as the combination of the classical liquid handling with down stream processes e.g. for capping and labelling. These instruments are typical designed for complex workflows of the kit production.

More references →

Multi-purpose platforms

We offer fully automated instruments for the preparation, organization and storage of samples and labware. The customized solutions contain intelligent robotic, functional modules (e.g. liquid handling), transportation systems, measurement equipment, data processing and the control software.

More references →


We have developed a multiple dispenser platform for the coating from membranes with specific proteins. The instrument is used by the well-known French company DIAGAST in the production process.

More references →


Our comprehensive know-how of the tube handling and the liquid handling is realized in the X-TubeProcessor series. Classical technologies are combined with individual single processes in a comclusive concept. The Ultra is used by a customer in the automated production process for the reagent production.

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