The X-TubeProcessor_Smart in use at PreOmics

Initial situation and need

As a supplier of sample preparation products for protein analysis, PreOmics manufactures a variety of wash and lysis buffers of very high purity and quality. Due to the high demand and the resulting continued strong growth, purely manual filling of micro screw tubes became increasingly inefficient or limited availability.

The solution

PreOmics decided to implement the automated tube handling system, the X-TubeProcessor® _Smart (SMART). The fully automatic process steps of filling, capping, and labeling are performed by the SMART at PreOmics and offer the advantage of high efficiency. Precisely because of its compact size, the SMART is a comprehensive automation solution that is ideal for PreOmics.

Dr. Martin Käsemann, COO PreOmics

The most important criterion for our business is the quality and reproducibility in the manufacture of our products. We were looking for a compact device, a complete solution that performs the filling of our wash buffers reliably and in the perfect walk-away time for us – and we found it in the SMART.

Results after implementation

The introduction of SMART resulted in a significant reduction in the workload of highly skilled female production employees at PreOmics. Due to the long hands-free time of about 1.5 hours per run, and relatively short makeready changes, other value-adding activities can be carried out in parallel. Automating the filling, capping and labeling of micro-screw tubes (0.5 – 2 ml) enables PreOmics to efficiently use all available capacities in the face of steadily increasing demand. Important in the selection of the device was the compact size of the SMART, as the available space in PreOmic’s production area is precious.

For PreOmics products for sample preparation, the wash buffers must meet very high quality requirements in terms of purity. The closed housing helps to prevent contamination. The process quality is very good in terms of dosing accuracy and handling, so that PreOmics can safely fill all buffer solutions, even critical ones, with the device within the specification limits. The overall technical availability of the SMART is high. This helps PreOmics to reliably deliver on its delivery promise in a very dynamic market.

About PreOmics
PreOmics develops and manufactures instruments, consumables and automation solutions for mass spectrometry-based protein analysis.

Innovative products for sample preparation, such as homogenization, enrichment and purification of tissue, cell and plasma samples, enable highly efficient and reliable proteome discovery and are used worldwide in pharmaceutical and academic research, among others.

PreOmics thus enables its protein analysis customers to generate biological knowledge through efficient, reliable solutions and workflows



Whether you need to label tubes for safe processing, remove tube caps for a subsequent step, or need a device to fill reagents in kit production, we have a _Smart Workbench solution.


  • Cap feed

  • Filling

  • Screwing & labeling –
    For microtubes, HPLC and cryovials

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